Nintendo 3DS Flash Card: A Backup Master

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The Nintendo 3DS gave light to many a player’s gloomy game life. It became one of the most sought after game consoles ever made in just a few weeks. The DS gave the user a plethora of games easily available on the market. Aside from unlimited games, it also gave people a new usable collectible item that has different functions with respect to the manufacturer - the Flash cart. In addition to the already wide range of flash carts available in the market, the SuperCard Team announced in the middle of June 2011 its latest product - the R4i 3DS compatible SuperCard DSTwo. Compared to the other flash carts available in the market today, this stands out because of a truly unique feature that you can’t find anywhere else. To find out what that is, read on.

R4i 3DS Flash

The R4i SDHC 3DS - SuperCard DSTwo has the same Game User interface as many regular R4 3DS flash kits People who are new to using the flash kit will have no trouble getting the hang of it. It is user-friendly and easy to operate. The MicroSD/SDHC memory card can store up to 32GB of information, which is more than enough to store all your favorite games as well as other files that can be viewed as an e-book. The R4 3DS SuperCard DSTwo supports a number of formats, which are as follows: JPEG, BMP, JPG, TIF, TXT, PNG, GIF, and PDF. It also features a 5-Scale backlight adjustment. If you are still not impressed, do not go about rejecting this product just yet. It has a lot more to offer! 

Before we go to the specifics, let’s start by deciphering its name. R4 3DS SuperCard DSTwo denotes EXPANSION FOR NDS, NDSL, NDSi, NDSill, NDSiXL. So what’s its significance? This flash kit was built to compete with the DSTwo and iPlayer. (Keep in mind that the best strategy to win is to copy your opponents’ strengths and exceed it.) The R4 3DS SuperCard DSTwo allows you to play media directly without the need for conversion. It is the only flash kit in the world that also gives you the chance to play all of your favorite games, be it a GBA or an NDS ROM.  It's now the only card in the world to support NDS games as well as GBA games. You may also play all of your favorite movies. The R4 3DS SuperCard DSTwo supports RMVB, AVI, MOV, DIVX, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, ASF and WMV. Your playable music files can also be of diverse formats. This is because the kit has a built in music player that plays P3,WMA,OGG,AAC,APE and FLAC music files. All of your files are supported and can be stored in its 32GB memory. It is truly entertainment in a box!

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Dina Says:
April 20th, 2009 at 2:17 pm

R4i 3DS CardThe EX4i is a worthy opponent to the R4i DS, SuperCard DSTwo and Nintendo iPlayer since it provides the same features while adding several new ones. With this card, you don’t have to waste your time converting your files before loading them in. You don’t even have to check if the memory is full every time, since micro SDHC card with 32GB of storace is normally more than enough. Compared to others, the EX4i is a one-of-a-kind all-in-one must-have for every Nintendo 3DS owner!



Tom Says:
April 20th, 2009 at 3:21 pm

AceKard 3 for N3DS is my favorite. Cheap an relyable!.

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